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Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
NJ Family Care


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Hudson County

Location Phone Contact Person
Fax Activity Level
Hudson County Department of Family Services
257 Cornelison Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Phone: 201-420-3000
NJ FamilyCare Unit
Fax: 201-420-0343 Personal Assistance
Hudson MAAC Offices
153 Halsey St, 4th Flr
Newark, NJ 07102-2807
Phone: 973-648-3700
NJ FamilyCare Unit
Fax: 973-642-6468 Personal Assistance
NJ FamilyCare Newark Regional Office
60 Park Place
Suite 605
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: 866-411-7782 Health Benefits Coordinators
Fax: 609-689-6853 Personal Assistance
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