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(Family Planning Services Only)

The Plan First Program is administered by NJ FamilyCare. Plan First is a limited benefit program, which provides family planning services only. The program is designed to provide a full range of family planning services to men and women who do not have access through insurance. The Plan First Program does not provide minimum essential health care coverage, such as physicals.

While enrolled in Plan First, one should obtain health care coverage through employer sponsored insurance, GetCoveredNJ (the State Marketplace) or private health insurance to meet New Jersey’s individual health insurance mandate requirement.

What’s covered?

Plan First Program covers many family planning needs for women and men including, but not limited to:

  • Birth Control
  • Family Planning Counseling
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Condoms
  • Family Planning Lab tests
  • Vasectomies covered for men 21 years of age or older

Who is Eligible?

Must meet all criteria below:

  • Women and Men
  • Not currently pregnant or sterile
  • US Citizen or Qualified Immigrant
  • New Jersey Resident
  • Income between $1,483 - $2,201 monthly for a single adult, $2,005 - $2,976 for a couple (2021)
  • Ineligible for NJ FamilyCare due to income

How to Apply?

Apply online at

Income Eligibility Guidelines:

To view Income eligibility guidelines, click here.

Plan First Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Plan First Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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